The Mark at CityPlace Location: Spring, TX Type: Full Time
Job Description


This policy contains the job description of the Make-Ready/Porter and the requirements for the position.

The following qualifications are necessary to be considered for the position of Make-Ready/Porter: ∙ Must be able to lift 80-100 lbs on a regular basis.

∙ Must have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.

∙ Must be available for night/weekend call duty.

Must have the knowledge and ability to perform the following duties:

∙ Minor Plumbing repairs

∙ Repair/replace locks, smoke alarms ∙ Replace screens

∙ Appliance repair

∙ Electrical repairs

∙ inspection/minor roof repair

∙ Fireplaces and Ceiling Fans

Carry out property maintenance processes.

∙ Sprinkler system repair and maintenance ∙ Change AC filters

∙ Door Locks

∙ Replace broken windows

∙ Carpet Shampoo

∙ Comply with OSHA regulations ∙ Paint and Sheetrock Repair

In general, the purpose of the Service Technician in Charge of Make-Ready is to assist the Maintenance Supervisor and Assistant Maintenance Supervisor (where applicable) in carrying out the maintenance processes of the property, with a focus on the apartment make-ready process, in a manner consistent with the property’s operational objectives.

Inspect vacated apartments and complete make-ready checklist. Inform Maintenance Supervisor and Property Manager of needed services and repairs.

Perform duties necessary to restore apartments to “rent ready” status and ensure that all make-ready repairs and services are completed correctly and on schedule in accordance with the Company’s Apartment Make-Ready Policy.. (The Make-Ready/Porter may need to handle some of the duties personally, but may also assign the duties to Assistant Maintenance or Porter for completion, in coordination with the Property Manager).

∙ Make certain grounds are kept neat and free of litter. Rake, sweep, shovel as circumstances warrant.

∙ Maintain accurate records regarding EPA/OSHA standards, preventative maintenance, service requests received and completed, expenditures, apartment make-ready status, work-in-progress, etc.

∙ Monitor the physical condition and immediately report and correct unsafe conditions, i.e. broken gates leading to the pool, broken steps, open holes broken/burned out exterior lights.

∙ Report all major repairs and requisitions to the Property Manager and Maintenance Supervisor prior to any expenditure of funds.

∙ Assure all assigned maintenance work on vacant apartments is completed with the MFI Make-Ready standard.

∙ Maintain maintenance shop so that it is safe, clean and well organized, with adequate inventory of spare parts and maintenance materials to handle most common repairs and situations and ensuring all tools and equipment are properly stored and well-maintained at all times.

∙ Identify all utility meter cut-offs, apartment and fixture cut-offs and sewer cleanouts and be able to communicate these to the community team members.

∙ Schedule and perform routine preventative maintenance in accordance with the Company’s Preventative Maintenance Policy.

∙ Wear and utilize Personal Protective Equipment at all times during work hours. Perform work area clean up and safety related duties of 7 days or 5 business days.

∙ Comply with all OSHA regulations and any applicable laws in your area regarding health, safety, or environment.

∙ Preventative maintenance

∙ Turn quality

∙ Status boards

∙ Ensure building lights and timers are working properly.

∙ Install new appliances as necessary.

∙ Attend meetings and seminars as requested by Property Manager, Vice President of Property Management or Regional Director of Maintenance.

Other responsibilities of the Make-Ready/Porter include the following: Key Control

∙ Maintaining key logs on a daily, as needed, basis

∙ Controlling keys given to contractors

∙ Changing locks on vacant units according to MFI policy

Staff Management and Personnel Issues

∙ Control and monitor overtime

∙ Address property liability concerns with Property Manager

∙ Recommend Capital Improvements

Vendor Management

∙ Utilize MFI Vendor List

Failure to perform any of the above job requirements may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.