Our Story

Excellence is the heart of our value proposition: excellence of our people; excellence of our development process; excellence in our business practices.

To create our communities, we rely on strategic analysis, collaboration and inspired intuition. We study cities, neighborhoods and trends, identifying prime locations to construct visionary, innovative, market-setting properties of immediate and lasting value.

As careful stewards of resources and assets – our own and others – we provide conscientious, caring management and state-of-the art accounting, reporting and controls.

A Fein community is more than apartments. Offering superior quality, superb amenities, convenience and exemplary property management, our communities are the consummate settings for life as it can be lived.

Employee and Resident



Our Team

  • Martin Fein
  • Timm Wooten
    Executive Vice President
  • Julie G. Batche, CPM
    Vice President, Property Management
  • Steven C. Otermat
    Vice President and Controller, Fein and Westchase Construction, Ltd.
  • Daniel B. Fein
    Vice President, Development
  • Rebecca Fein Luks
    Vice President, Development
  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Vice President, Westchase Construction, Ltd.